Our Mission
To lead students into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.
We believe the main way this happens is by developing our faith.


Five things we believe grow our faith:
    • Practical Teaching
    • Private Disciplines
    • Personal Ministry
    • Providential Relationships
    • Pivotal Circumstances

Our Student Pastor

Ben White grew up as one of the young people at Fellowship Baptist. He spent some time overseas in the Philippines attending a small Filipino Bible College where he studied for the ministry. Ben then spent three summers working at a camp ministry in northern Michigan where he felt God calling him to work with youth. He has been serving at Fellowship Baptist Church since 2008.

In 2010 Ben felt God’s leading to go back to Bible College to further his education. When he returned he met his wife Rachel. They were married in 2012. Ben & Rachel enjoy working together to see young people follow Jesus with their lives.

Our Youth Leaders
These are the real heroes around here. Our youth leaders are the engine that make the Student Ministry move. They are passionate about leading young people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. 
Terry & Hillery Butters
Terry works with the 10th -12 grade buys.
Hillery works with the 7th-9th grade girls.
Thad & Sarah Hitt
Thad works with the 7th-9th boys.
Sarah works with the 7th-9th grade girls.
Jacob & Elizabeth Miracle
Jacob works with the 10th -12 grade boys.
Elizabeth works with the 10th-12 grade girls.
Eli Westheimer
Eli works with the 7th-9th grade boys.
Krystin Haapala
Krystin works with the 7th-9th grade girls.
That's Our Leadership Team
We love serving together and watching God work in the lives of our young people.
Upcoming Events

Our Core Events
  • Weekly Meetings - Sundays 10AM-11AM
  • Mission Trips
  • Camping Trips
  • Weekend Retreats
  • Service Activities
  • Fun Activities
Why we do what we do.
We do not just do events for the sake of doing them. We have purpose behind everything we do. Here is a breakdown of our events.
Weekly Meetings
This is the time biblical teaching is presented. We also do small groups after the teaching time. In our small groups we discuss the lesson that was taught, give prayer request and encourage each other in the LORD.
Weekend Retreats
Mission Trips
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